The Travelling Tea Lady

Bringing the Tearoom Experience to You 


Join Our Tea Specialist Renee Williams on an Adventure as we set sail to THE FACINATING WORLD OF TEA! Our Three part series will captivate your audience with our Interactive, Informative and fun ways to learn about TEA.

PART 1 :  HISTORY OF TEA   Discover the 5000 Year history of TEA where it all began. Starting from 2737 BC to date.. Wow what a great history for a beverage we drink every day, how two mere leaves and a bud changed the world. It intrigued wars and revolutions and changed the way we live today.

PART 2:  HEALTH BENEFITS OF TEA  This lecture will dive into the mystery of the world of TEA. How it benefits our health and why we should drink this amazing beverage. What are the health benefits and properties? We will examine the latest findings on how TEA helps to lower Parkinson's disease, aids in the prevention of Diabetics, Alzheimer's, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial properties.

PART 3: TYPES OF TEA  From the Camelia Sinensis plant we have the privilege of consuming White, Green, Oolong and Black Tea. We will see why each is different in looks, taste and colour and why consuming TEA will aid in Comforting, Energizing and Uplifting your spirits.