The Travelling Tea Lady

Bringing the Tearoom Experience to You 

Our Luxury Teas

We offer only the best teas. Master blended by our tea specialists who focuses on health and wellness. All our teas are Very high in Antioxidants and Vitamins. Our teas are available in our Tea Party packages as well as for sale to take home with you. Here is to your health!

GREEN TEA:  Remember Me

Green Tea meets a rose garden with a sweet cherry flavor, stunning and captivating. 

GREEN TEA:  Jasmine in Bali

Exceptional green tea paired with exotic night blooming jasmine, the result an amazing tea with a luxury smooth finish.

GREEN TEA:  Awake on Arrival

We all love to travel but no one likes to arrive to a beautiful locale and sleep. Wake up and enjoy your destination! Your body will thank you after sipping a cup of this amazing tea. Green tea blended to perfection with yerba mate and strawberries. What a great combination. Bon Voyage!

GREEN TEA:  Pure Green Energy

What a great partnership of exceptional green tea and Japanese Matcha. Its a taste explosion full of Antioxidants and Calcium.

GREEN TEA: Raspberry Mist

Green tea infused with luscious raspberry.

GREEN TEA:  Genimaicha

Green tea with spices and roasted rice gives you an exotic blend.

GREEN TEA: Tranquility

Over flowing with the goodness of green tea and hibiscus with floral notes with a very smooth finish. Very high in Antioxidants.

GREEN TEA: Lavender Fields

The perfect marriage of green tea and lavender with honey. A tea to create memories to last a life time. Very high in Antioxidants and a smooth taste that lingers, the perfect dessert in a cup.

GREEN TEA: Paris in Green

Take a walk in Paris through a rose garden. Green tea, lavender, jasmine and rose is master blended to provide you with a stunning tea creation. Ooh la la.  More please!

GREEN TEA: Digestive Green

Green tea paired with sweet ginger soothes your digestive system, great for colds and headaches. Ultra high in Antioxidants.


The best kept secret is oolong tea loaded with Antioxidant to keep your body slim and feeling great! Blended meticulously with green tea to give you an even higher Antioxidant level.

MATCHA TEA: Green Power

This luxury blend of green teas gives you the power you need to endure your hardest days. Very high in Antioxidants.

MATCHA TEA:  Organic Yerba Mate Energy

Forget about coffee this master blend of organic green yerba mate will keep you awake and ready for your day.

YERBA MATE:  Energy for the Soul

Yerba Mate is traditionally from Latin America. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, boost your immune system and give you lots of energy. You will enjoy the amazing taste and flavour.

WHITE TEA:  Perfect Skin

Say goodbye to expensive tea creams. This master blend of white teas are full of Antioxidants to make your skin glow. Just 3 cups a day keeps saggy skin away.

BLACK TEA: Dance with Life

An Amazing combination of black tea and bergamot with old world spices. A special blend to wake your taste buds up while giving you the highest antioxidant levels.

WHITE TEA:  Chilling Ice Wine 

A sunny day in winter on a  vineyard turns to magic at midnight as the temperature drops. The grapes are harvested to lock in this delicious flavour of ice wine. Like having a glass of ice wine! One cup is not enough.

BLACK TEA: Royal Garden    Tea Party  

Not just for the Royal family. This is a great Afternoon Tea. Enjoy this vibrant tea blend of earl grey and jasmine.

BLACK TEA:  Organic Blueberry Madness

Imagine a field of juicy wild blueberry harvested at right moment. The flavour is locked into this intoxicating blend. Enjoy hot or cold.  

BLACK TEA:  Heavenly Vanilla Cream

Indulge in the creamiest Vanilla tea you will ever taste. Smooth to the last drop and great with milk too. Enjoy a cup of decadence.

BLACK TEA:  Strawberry Island

The perfect pair.. Sweet strawberries meet coconut! What a combination be transported to indulgence. 

BLACK TEA: Earl Grey with Love

Bold and full of flavour. Our Master Blenders took Earl Grey and made it more luxurious and creamier. Your taste buds will be addicted. Enjoy

ROOIBOS: Total Bliss 

 Blended to perfection with rose, ginger, mint and floral notes to give full flavour and taste. Truly a day at the spa in a cup. Very high in Antioxidants. The Best Herbal Tea you will experience

ROOIBOS: Bursting into Spring

Say bye to winter with this colourful, flavourful and simply delicious tea. Floral and fruity.

ROOIBOS: Meet me in Rome

Take a trip to Robust Rome packed with Super fruits, Lavender and Spices. Ready to whisk you away. 

HERBAL:  Tropical Island Sunset

A great herbal blend of rose, mint, ginger, fruit and spices full of flavor and taste. Close your eyes and feel the rays of sun in your tea cup. Enjoy

HERBAL TEA: Morning Boost

Need a boost? Morning or Afternoon? Our Master blenders came up with our special blend of

Gynostemma, Ginger and Peppermint  with a burst of lemon and natural flavours. You wont miss your morning coffee!

HERBAL TEA:   Play Date

Yummy yummy .. We want more. Kids love our blend of lemon, strawberry, rose, hibiscus and raisins. A must for your next kids tea party. High in vitamin C.

HERBAL TEA:  Blueberry Magic

A great blend with blueberry, hibiscus, apples and natural flavours. High in Antioxidants, vitamin A and C. makes an amazing ice tea.

HERBAL TEA:  Organic Happy Heart

Keep you heart healthy and strong with this amazing tea blend with hibiscus, fruit and spices. a lovely sweet finish. High in vitamin C.

BLACK TEA: Pumpkin Pie Spice Chai

Welcome to Fall! Fall into Autumn with our special blend of Black Tea with Baked pumpkin and spices with a smooth spicy finish.

BLACK TEA:  Cream Baked Apple Spice Cake

Baked apples with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and natural flavour. Smooth and creamy to the last drop.

GREEN TEA: Apple Honey Sunshine

You will fall in love with this sunshine in a cup. Apples baked in honey and spices will light up your taste buds. This one will be your favourite! One cup is not enough...

HERBAL TEA: Soothe My Soul Stress Free

Truly Zen in a cup! It will relax and soothe you and take all your stress away. This unique blend of Ginger, orange, mint, sage and spices will set your mind free.. A must for our busy life-style.