The Travelling Tea Lady

Bringing the Tearoom Experience to You 

The  Travelling Tea Lady : My Story

 My love for tea started at the tender age of 9. Thanks to my dad who gave me my first tea set. I recall how happy I was to see my favourite story book character, Alice in Wonderland as my tea set.

 It  was used daily as tea time was a normal routine in our household. It was such a joy to host 'tea parties' not just for my dolls and teddy bears. As well as, my parents, sisters, friends and whomever I enlisted to partake in sipping the best tea I could buy. Whether in the supermarkets or in its natural form. It was truly the best tea parties where the aroma of mint and lemongrass filled our home which was my favourite. Especially because it was sweeten with our special family recipe.  

My love for tea never stopped. As I grew older it was truly a way of life for me. It was a part of me and always will be. As with my home daycare previously, I shared my love for tea with the children using special china with Peter Rabbit and Bunnykins cups were their favourite filled with tea specially made for them. Along with mouth-watering scones fresh from the oven that seem to disappear as soon as they were placed on the cooling rack. They waited patiently until the next batch of scones were served with whipped cream and strawberry preserves.

Along with my love for Tea, a love affair for beautiful china began over 20 years ago. I appreciated the Artists workmanship on beautiful china pieces that I have been fortunate to acquire over the years. The Antique and Vintage pieces are my favourite which I now want to share it with you. With my vast collection I am sure we can put a beautiful tea party together just for you.